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Hearing Aid Clinic

Vatsalya Speech and Hearing Centre is a well established speech and hearing care clinic providing hearing aids and full diagnostic and rehabilitation services for people with Speech and Hearing problem. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language and hearing facilities to individuals of all ages.

Bte Hearing Aid

If you have severe hearing loss, or if your ear canals are very small, Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing instruments may be the choice for you.

Mini Bte Hearing Aid

Our talented, board-certified plastic surgeons have more than 10 years of experience.

Custom Hearing Aid

Custom Hearing Aid, Canal-style devices are among the smallest hearing instruments. They hide within your ear canal, so they’re custom made to fit you exactly.

Hearing Accessories

Sonic wireless accessories are add-on products that make everyday sounds so accessible, you won’t want to listen any other way.

Ear Mould

Should a hearing test show that you suffer from hearing loss, then the next step is to obtain a hearing aid ear mould. Contact us now.

Ric Hearing Aid

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) – sometimes also called Receiver-In-The-Canal (RIC) – hearing instruments include a case that sits behind your ear.

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About Us

Vatsalya Speech and Hearing Centre is fully equipped audiological diagnostic centre, digital hearing aids & cochlear implants. A clinic where we understand that addressing a patient’s unique listening needs is the key to helping him/her. Vatsalya Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialized centre for people with Hearing, speech and language disorders. Our objective is to help improve lives of people suffering from hearing and speech problems using ultra modern techniques and technology. We offers personalized hearing, speech and communication services, in addition to the latest hearing device technology. We are dedicated to helping all people, regardless of their age, to improve communication and vocational independence for life.”

Featured Products

Hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles and offer a number of features at varying price points. The device you choose ultimately comes down to your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Our hearing aid styles guide can help you find the best match for your unique hearing needs.













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